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IMF Says Canada Leads G-7 in Economic Growth

0.0 00 The rest of 2017, along with 2018, is showing a promising trend. An elevated appraisal of the economy’s growth rate from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has put […]

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Do I have to know English or French to immigrate to Canada?

0.0 00 English and French are the two official languages of Canada and, therefore, one of the general eligibility requirements for most Canadian immigration programs is to demonstrate a certain […]

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Where can I check the status of my application?

0.0 00 This mostly depends on the type of application you filed. There are two kinds of applications: online applications and paper applications, and the process can differ depending on […]

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UN Praises Canada for Immigrant Friendly Policies

0.0 00 As of January 2017, Jean-Nicolas Beuze was appointed as representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). He recently praised Canada for their “life-saving intervention” by […]

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Accepting Immigrants is a Part of Canadian History

0.0 00 Recently, Business Insider interviewed the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, to learn how he feels about the number of people who are immigrating to Canada. According to […]

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Caregiver – We’ve Got a Live-in Program for You!

0.0 00 The Canadian Live-in Caregiver Program allows for foreign nationals to be sponsored as caregivers or nannies.

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Different Types of Job Offers that the Employer Can Make in Canada

5.0 01 As it stands, a Canadian employer can make two types of job offers. These are the two types of employment as explained by Canadian Visa Expert:

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Testimonial from Canadian Visa Expert Client

5.0 01 As of May 25th, we have made it to Calgary, in Canada – our new home! My wife and I have already found an apartment and are getting […]

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CanadianVisaExpert: 158,100 Jobs In Canada Created During 2015

5.0 01 Canadian employment went up by a net of 158,100 jobs during 2015, according to data released in January 2016 by Statistics Canada. This healthy increase in overall Canadian […]

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