Report Says Immigrants Important for Canada’s Atlantic Provinces

Report Says Immigrants Important for Canada’s Atlantic Provinces

Canadian Visa Expert Staff / April 30, 2018

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With the help of “The People Imperative” published by the Public Policy Forum, it is becoming clear that Atlantic Canada needs more immigrants to choose to stay in the region. Increasing Canadian immigration alone will not solve the economic and demographic problems. Having a higher retention rate is a must. The Atlantic Canada region has the lowest immigration retention percentages in all of Canada. Nova Scotia has a retention rate of 72 percent, Newfoundland and Labrador has a 56 percent rate of retention, New Brunswick has 52 percent, and P.E.I. only has 18 percent. There is no other Canadian province that has lower than an 80 percent retention rate. With the region looking for more immigrants to come and become a part of their communities, now is the time to contact Canadian Visa Expert for visa information. Their team of experts can help you with the entire process of relocating to Canada.

Frank McKenna of TD Bank group and a former Canadian ambassador to the U.S. admits the challenge of population numbers dropping in the Atlantic region. “We have a time bomb going off in that our population is not just declining, but it’s aging as well.” He agrees more must be done to retain immigrants. He says more language training services must be provided and employers must be more involved. The quality of life is one area to be highlighted about the region. Safe communities, good services, and the manageable pace of life can be a draw for newcomers. This welcoming region of Canada is one to be considered when moving to the country. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for information on the process.

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