Accepting Immigrants is a Part of Canadian History

Accepting Immigrants is a Part of Canadian History

Canadian Visa Expert Staff / May 16, 2017

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Recently, Business Insider interviewed the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, to learn how he feels about the number of people who are immigrating to Canada. According to Hussen, Canada is a country built on immigrants. He went on to say that immigration is important for building up Canada and for economic growth.

There have been many changes in immigration policies since the election of U.S. President Donald Trump that have caused concern among Green Card holders in the United States. Some are worried that they will be deported, so it is hopeful for them to hear that Canada has an open door for qualified foreign nationals.

The immigration process in Canada was once very long and complicated, but since the inception of the Express Entry system in 2015, there have been changes. The new process is quicker and easier than ever before, according to immigration service Canadian Visa Expert.


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