Canadian Colleges Experience Surge of International Students

Canadian Colleges Experience Surge of International Students

Canadian Visa Expert Staff / December 8, 2017

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Universities in Canada are looking at a sharp increase in international student enrollments. New freshman students will include a high number of United States students who have just graduated from high school. The trend seems to coincide with the presidency of President Donald Trump in the United States.

Alan Shepard, President of Montreal’s Concordia University says the “Trump effect is real,” considering the rise in enrollment for the coming fall semester. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for information on which visa is needed to attend a university in Canada. Not all of the increase is attributed to U.S. students. A report shows a 75% increase in students from India and a 60% rise from Turkish students.

Economy, safety, the ease of immigrating to Canada, along with a relaxed environment, are other reasons students are choosing Canada for their education. Find out how easy the process can be by contacting Canadian Visa Expert. Your education goals can be met at a Canadian university.

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