Canadian Workers Are Better Off

Canadian Workers Are Better Off

Canadian Visa Expert Staff / November 12, 2016

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One of the main reasons that about 250,000 people from all over the world are applying for Permanent Resident Visas to Canada each year is because of the great need for workers in Canada.

canadian visa expert logoAlthough the Canadian economy is expanding, many workers in Canada have hit retirement age and are leaving the workforce. The Canadian government sees this shortage and is working to get more laborers into the country.

Canadian Visa Expert has helped thousands of foreign nationals who want to move to Canada to live and work.

If you are interested in moving to Canada to work, here is some great information to help you make your decision. This includes average salaries for various careers and the types of visa programs that the Canadian government is offering to skilled workers.

This information can be helpful for your Canadian immigration experience. Canadian Visa Expert is skilled at helping people learn about the best visa programs for them, so contact them today!

Canadian Jobs That May Be Available

If you are looking for work, Canada offers jobs to foreign nationals through different visa programs. Here are the major categories:

    • Federal Skilled Trades Program – This program is for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, welders and other skilled trades
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program – This program is specifically for professions that often require having a college degree or other advanced training and are in high demand.
    • Provincial Nominee Program – This program is similar to the Federal Skilled Trades Program, but has a greater emphasis on meeting the demands in particular Canadian provinces where there is a high demand for these occupations.
    • Live-in Caregiver Program – This program is only for caregivers who take care of people who are elderly and/or disabled, as well as children and others who require full-time care.

Canadian Jobs Pay Well

dollar-1319598_640One of the reasons that people are interested in moving to Canada to work is because Canadian jobs pay quite well. Some examples of jobs that pay well include pharmacists ($98,000/year), healthcare managers ($91,000/year), engineering managers ($95,000/year), audiologist and speech-language pathologists ($81,000/year), and mining and forestry managers ($109,000/year).

These are just a few examples of the jobs that are available in Canada and their annual salaries.

We share them to show you that if you work in Canada in an occupation that is in high-demand, you will receive pay and benefits that are competitive with other developed countries such as the United States of America. Contact Canadian Visa Expert today to learn if you are eligible to work in Canada!

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