Canadians are More Likely to Enjoy the “American Dream”

Canadians are More Likely to Enjoy the “American Dream”

Canadian Visa Expert Staff / January 1, 2018

People who live in Canada are more likely to enjoy “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Although the United States has been known for being the land of opportunities, especially for immigrants where all people, no matter the background they hold, can use hard work to experience the “American Dream,” it has been more difficult than in the past to accomplish it.

The “American Dream” is defined as receiving an excellent education, buying a home, finding a good-paying job, starting a business, paying for children’s education, etc. If you want to experience the “American Dream,” consider moving to Canada, where you can enjoy the freedoms of this great country. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for information on the visa application process.

Canada ranks higher than the US when it comes to the freedom of residents. While 46 percent of the US population has received a college degree, 59 percent of Canadians have graduated with a degree. Nearly seventy percent of Canadians own a home while only 63 percent of Americans own their own homes.

Canadians have a longer life expectancy than those of their US counterparts. To enjoy Canada’s higher standard of living, contact Canadian Visa Expert for a list of potential visa options.

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