Is CanadianVisaExpert a Part of the Canadian Government?

Is CanadianVisaExpert a Part of the Canadian Government?

Canadian Visa Expert Staff / July 8, 2016

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CanadianVisaExpert is a private company that works in collaboration with certified immigration consultants to help clients who want to apply for a visa to Canada. Although CanadianVisaExpert is not in any way affiliated with Canada’s government, the immigration consultants that CanadianVisaExpert works with are registered members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and they are authorized by Canada’s government to provide professional advice and guidance regarding Canadian immigration.

This is an important distinction to make, since only Canada’s government can establish Canadian immigration programs or grant a visa to Canada, yet, it does not provide individual assistance throughout the Canadian immigration procedure like the team at CanadianVisaExpert does.

Therefore, rather than try to figure which of several Canadian immigration programs one should apply for and then attempt to complete and submit all the forms and documents alone and risk making mistakes, many people prefer to receive the personalized, professional services of the experienced CanadianVisaExpert team. This starts with an expert assessment by the immigration consultants who evaluate each client’s relevant details to determine which specific Canadian visa program he/she is likely to be eligible for.

Qualified clients can also receive individual guidance from the Canadian immigration consultants through each stage of the procedure to apply for a visa to Canada. Additionally, they can have their questions answered by the immigration consultants regarding their particular case. As Authorized Representatives, the ICCRC-registered immigration consultants who work with CanadianVisaExpert can also communicate on behalf of a client with Canada’s government if certain situations arise.

In sum, CanadianVisaExpert is not part of Canada’s government, but it does share a common goal: both want more people to move to Canada. The Canadian government has created various immigration programs and set forth their eligibility criteria, because it wants qualified people from different countries and backgrounds to live in Canada. The CanadianVisaExpert team also wants more people to live in Canada, informs its clients about their options and tries to makes the Canadian immigration procedure as easy and fast as possible for them.

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