Higher Education Ranked Second Due to Immigration

Higher Education Ranked Second Due to Immigration

Canadian Visa Expert Staff / March 15, 2018

Canada has been ranked as one of the best-educated countries around the globe by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Immigration has been a main cause of the high ranking, due to the expectations the newcomers have for their children. Many immigrants come to the country already holding a university degree. This leads to the pursuit of higher education by the second generation migrants. If you want a country whose top priority is education, contact the Canadian Visa Expert team for help in obtaining the needed visa.

The percentage of children, ages 25 to 35, with a college degree, having Canadian-born parents is 24% compared to 36% of children with parents born abroad. The expectations parents have in regards to education for their children matters. Moving to a new place is an exciting venture, but can be overwhelming when trying to receive the proper visa. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for help in the process.

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