IMF Says Canada Leads G-7 in Economic Growth

IMF Says Canada Leads G-7 in Economic Growth

Canadian Visa Expert Staff / November 8, 2017

The rest of 2017, along with 2018, is showing a promising trend. An elevated appraisal of the economy’s growth rate from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has put Canada at the top of other developed nations around the globe. Job opportunities for immigrants are available with a Canadian work visa. Contact Canadian Visa Expert to begin the application process. The IMF, with its headquarters in Washington, D.C., has estimated a half percentage point increase in Canada’s gross domestic product for 2017.

At 3 percent, the country comes in ahead of the United States, which saw a 2.2 percentage point growth from 2016. Not only will Canada be in front of their neighbor to the south, but they will also lead all of the other Group of Seven (G-7) countries. With the economic growth rate on the rise, Canadian Visa Expert is standing ready to help you relocate to this flourishing nation.

The Paris branch of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) came in with a similar economic outlook for Canada as the IMF. The OECD agreed that Canada would excel above the Group of Seven countries in 2017. The lowered burden of discounted gas and oil costs, along with help from government spending and central bank guidelines, contribute to Canada’s surge in economic growth.

The International Monetary Fund estimates 2018 will see a moderate year-over-year growth rate of 2.1 percent. Even this percentage is 0.2 percent higher than the IMF’s update in July and rating second in the G7. Canada would rank behind the United States in 2018 by only 0.2 percentage points. If you are looking for a better life for your family, this is the time to immigrate to Canada. Contact Canadian Visa Expert today for help in the process.

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