Vancouver Ranked World’s #3 Most Livable City

Vancouver Ranked World’s #3 Most Livable City

Canadian Visa Expert Staff / October 10, 2017

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) submits a report each year referred to as the Global Liveability Report. This report evaluates 140 eligible cities around the world and ranks them according to the quality of liveability within five categories: stability,
infrastructure, education, healthcare, and culture and environment. Canadian Visa Expert will provide you with the assistance needed to determine if you qualify for a Canadian visa.

According to the EIU report, here are the top ten most livable cities in 2017 in order of rankings: (1) Melbourne, Australia; (2) Vienna, Austria; (3) Vancouver, Canada; (4) Toronto, Canada; (5) Adelaide, Australia and Calgary, Canada (tied for 5th place); (7)
Perth, Australia; (8) Auckland, New Zealand; (9) Helsinki, Finland; and (10) Hamburg, Germany.

Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary are three Canadian cities that are ranked in this top ten list. Over the last seven years, the top five have changed quite a bit. For instance, between Melbourne, Australia and Vienna, Austria there is only a 0.1% difference in
the total scores. Forty-four cities were bumped from the total list in 2017 for different reasons such as economic instability or violence. Canadian Visa Expert can provide you with peace of mind for your immigration experience.

Some U.S. cities listed in the survey have had a decline in rankings due to civil unrest and changes in the country after the presidential election. Brexit, the migration crisis and other issues caused various countries within Europe to drop in their rankings.

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