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Canada’s Economy Enjoys Solid Growth in 19 of 20 Sectors

The Canadian economy has seen significant growth across 19 of 20 industries. Even with the weakening of sales in April 2018 due to cold weather, retail is on the rise […]

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More Immigrants Moving to Canada Want to Live and Work in Ontario

After a ten-year-long slump in a destination for immigrants, the city of Ontario is experiencing an upswing in newcomers to Canada.

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Report Says Immigrants Important for Canada’s Atlantic Provinces

Atlantic Canada needs more immigrants to choose to stay in the region. Increasing Canadian immigration alone will not solve the economic and demographic problems.

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Higher Education Ranked Second Due to Immigration

Immigration to Canada has been a main cause of the high ranking, due to the expectations the newcomers have for their children.

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UN Praises Canada for Immigrant Friendly Policies

As of January 2017, Jean-Nicolas Beuze was appointed as representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). He recently praised Canada for their “life-saving intervention” by helping refugees […]

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Accepting Immigrants is a Part of Canadian History

Recently, Business Insider interviewed the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, to learn how he feels about the number of people who are immigrating to Canada. According to Hussen, Canada […]

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